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Samvel Marutyan

Samvel Marutyan was born in Kirovakan,  Armenia in 1959. His body of work evokes his ancestry — from his drawings of the horrors of the genocide to the symbolic abstractions of the countryside he explored as a child. He is a member of the International Federation of Artists and the Artists Union of Armenia since 1988, Samvel Marutyan is equally skilled in oils on canvas, acrylics on paper and ink drawings.


His paintings are always full of  “assured color and expression with complete mastery of brush and palette knife.”He has had several one-man exhibitions all over the world, most notably in Russia, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Cyprus, Syria and, of course, Armenia and the United States. His Works are in private

collections and museums throughout the world.

His paintings reveal his love of people, nature and God. They express an entire range of emotions — romantic, brooding, thoughtful, and inspired. His great faith shows in his portraits of Christ — human and yet so obviously the divine savior of mankind.

His art is powerful and timeless. The works illustrate his mood, character and colorful inner world. There is diversity in his collection. Truly, they are so original that it is unlikely any art lover will ever mistake his work for anyone else’s.


Welcome to the Art of Samvel Marutyan.

1984 (Solo Exhibition) Charentsavan, Armenia

1984 (Solo Exhibition) Yerevan, Armenia

1989  Moscow, Russia
1992  (Solo exhibition), Vanadzor, Yerevan

1993  Warsaw, Poland

1993  Europe Art 93, San Gallo, Basel, Lugano, Geneva, Switzerland

1994  (Solo exhibitions) Allepo, Syria

1994  Stepanakert, Shushi, Artsakh

1994  House of Culture, Moscow, Russia

1995  ASCC, Yerevan,Armenia 

1996  Colour of Armenia, Kazan, Tatarstan

1997  (Solo exhibition) Yerevan, Armenia

1997  Abu-Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

1997 (Solo Exhibition) Rostock, Germany

1998  National Gallery of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia

1998  Moscow, Russia

1999  (Solo exhibition) Nicosia, Larnaka, Cyprus

2001  (Solo exhibition)Dortmund, Germany

2001  (Solo exhibition) Altadena, USA

2002  Days of Erevan, Glendale, USA

2004  International Free Art Festival, Los Angeles, USA

2007  International 16th Lantern of the East Art Festival, Yerevan

2009  Pasadena, California, USA

2012  Glendale, California, USA

2013 Ewi Collections, Los Angeles, USA

2014  Imago Mundi Art collection

2014  Grand HYATT San Diego, Californi, USA

2014  Karllevoni Art Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia

2015  New Renaissance, Glendale, Californa, USA

2015  Artists' union of Armenia, Yerevan Armenia

2015  Fresno Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church

2017 Beverly Art Show, Beverly Hills , USA

2019 Lucy Tutunjian Art Gallery, Lebanon

2019 (Solo Exhibition) Yerevan, Armenia

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